TPA (Third Party Administrator)

An outsourching of health administation service for life insurance company or general insurance that have helath care product


TPA Service :

1. Provision of Imcare 177 Provider Network

Provides a network of hospitals clinics, opticians, laboratories in collaboration with Imcare 177 and can use the service facilities which spread all over Indonesia for the participans

2. EDC (Electronic Data capture)

Corporate participant can take advantages of EDC machine for its employee participans in Imcare 177 provider network.

3. 24 Hours customer service

24 hours call center service for participants and the provider network including public holiday.

4. Letter of guarantee service

Publish inpatient quarantee leter to provider hospital at the moment the participant underwant hospitalization

5. In hospital monitoring

To monitor and obtain information about the general condition of the participant including diagnosis of disease, time and expenses estimation of threatment if participants underwant inpatient in provider hospital

6. Claim Analyst

Supported by professional doctors and nurses conducting verification and analysis of the claim

7. Cashless Service

Participants are entitied to use the whole network og providers who have cooperated with Imcare 177 across Indonesia

8. Payment Claim provider

Conducting payment administation bill of health service/ treatment from hospitals, clinics, opticians, laboratories

9. Petty cash – dedicated account management

Imcare will manage company petty cash account professionally and transparently administration

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